Isometric Illustrator

Isometric Illustrator

For the designers keep updating in current trend is highly important. In that thread this Isometric illustrator was amazing trend in past days. We get see many major websites in this illustrator design. This design based on Geometric Technique. The 3rd dimensional illustrator. The basic of this design is really simple. It is the most attractive design of the Illustrator these days.

A Plane is a two-dimensional surface which extends to the infinity. Isometric Illustrations are created using 3D Geometry which have 3 distinct Geometric Plane Structures.

Baby steps to build the simple box method:

Step 1 : Create a 4-inch square with your Rectangle Tool.

Step 2 : With the square selected, double-click on your Scale tool. Scale the square 86.062% vertically.

Step 3 : With your object selected, double-click on the Shear tool and shear the object 30 degrees.

Step 4 : With the object selected, double-click on the Rotate tool and rotate it -30 degrees. You have now created the top of your cube.

Step 5 : To create the left side of the cube, begin with a 4-inch square. Scale vertically 86.062%Shear -30 degrees, and Rotate -30 degrees.

Step 6 : Use the Selection Tool (black arrow) to line up the front corner with the top of the cube.

To create the right side of the cube, begin with a 4-inch square. Scale vertically 86.062%Shear 30 degrees, and Rotate 30 degrees.

Step 7 : Next, move the pieces into place with your Selection Tool. You have now created an isometric cube without using a grid.

here you get that 3D box view.

This is simple step video tutorial to create the fantastic Laptop Isometric Illustrator.

Credits : Satori Graphics


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