HTML Arrow Code

HTML Arrow Code

To add such symbols to an HTML page, you can use an HTML entity name.

Char Number Entity Comment
← ← left arrow
↑ ↑ up arrow
→ → right arrow
↓ ↓ down arrow
↖ ↖ north west arrow
↗ ↗ north east arrow
↘ ↘ south east arrow
↙ ↙ south west arrow
↚ leftwards arrow with stroke
↛ rightwards arrow with stroke
↜ leftwards wave arrow
↝ rightwards wave arrow
↞ leftwards two headed arrow
↟ upwards two headed arrow
↠ rightwards two headed arrow
↡ downwards two headed arrow
↢ leftwards arrow with tail
↣ rightwards arrow with tail
↤ leftwards arrow from bar
↥ upwards arrow from bar
↦ rightwards arrow from bar
↧ downwards arrow from bar
↨ up down arrow with base
↩ leftwards arrow with hook
↪ rightwards arrow with hook
↫ leftwards arrow with loop
↬ rightwards arrow with loop
↭ left right wave arrow
↮ left right arrow with stroke
↯ downwards zizag arrow
↰ upwards arrow with tip leftwards
↱ upwards arrow with tip rightwards
↲ downwards arrow with tip leftwards
↳ downwards arrow with tip rightwards
↴ rightwards arrow with corner downwards
↵ ↵ downwards arrow with corner leftwards
↶ anticlockwise top semicircle arrow
↷ clockwise top semicircle arrow
↸ north west arrow to long bar
↹ leftwards arrow to bar over rightwards arrow to bar
↺ anticlockwise open circle arrow
↻ clockwise open circle arrow
↼ leftwards harpoon with barb upwards
↽ leftwards harpoon with barb downwards
↾ upwards harpoon with barb rightwards
↿ upwards harpoon with barb leftwards
⇀ rightwards harpoon with barb upwards
⇁ rightwards harpoon with barb downwards
⇂ downwards harpoon with barb rightwards
⇃ downwards harpoon with barb leftwards
⇄ rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow
⇅ upwards arrow leftwards of downwards arrow
⇆ leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow
⇇ leftwards paired arrows
⇈ upwards paired arrows
⇉ rightswards paired arrows
⇊ downwards paired arrows

above all are HTML code for arrow symbol. Other codes coming soon…

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